OPPO A15S – Unmatched Innovation and Capabilities


The Oppo A series is the flagship of the Oppo brand, and the company’s latest smartphone offering. While the A series is quite popular with youngsters and professionals, it has recently taken off big with its target market of business professionals and executives. The Oppo A15 s packs a powerful punch. With a quad-core processor, 2.4GHz mobile processor, the Oppo A15 s is one powerful device in a class of its own. You can read about the highlights of this impressive smartphone in this article.

The Oppo A15S from Oppo is a powerful smartphone armed with a powerful eight-core processor, a powerful 2.4 GHz quad-core MSMADEMIC chip, a stunning Adreno blower, a stunning dual-mode camera with image stabilization, and an intuitive user interface. The Oppo A15 s also packs a powerful 2.5 mega-apixel rear camera with optical zoom. The rear camera set up also features phase-shift photography that ensures that your pictures are captured in the ideal light. oppo a15s

One of the highlights of the Oppo A15 s is its advanced dual-mode camera with image stabilization. It has the ability to take high quality pictures in all light conditions. With a simple and easy to use software, you can stage your shots exactly how you want them to be using the OPPO A15S’s automatic photo snapping features. You can use the A-series camera’s photo editing capabilities to edit and enhance your pictures according to your taste. The Oppo A-series also comes with an exclusive preloaded EUR pro dialer that lets you dial calls from your smartphone using speech recognition technology.

This smartphone is a perfect companion for those who love taking pictures and videos. It has four great quality cameras namely the A-series quads, the eeries, the xperia s, and the Oppo A-series qSidian. There are four variants of the Oppo A-series with unique features and functionalities. All these four smartphones have a built in anti-shake feature which further adds to the camera efficiency. The Oppo A-series has a capacity of memory support of gigabytes so that it can store plenty of data including movies, songs, pictures, games, documents, and applications.

There is another variant of the Oppo A-series that has been launched by Oppo and it is called the Oppo A-series qSidian. This smartphone has a dual imaging sensor. The first one is the phase detect micro camera which takes high resolution images with high contrast. The second camera is the phase detect quatty camera which is used for low resolution image capturing. The OPPO A-series qSidian has a single hardware key along with a touch sensitive screen that enables you to perform various tasks.

The Oppo A-series also includes a technologically advanced technology known as the double tap effect. This technology enables the user to perform two tasks simultaneously by means of a fingerprint sensor on its home key. This is indeed an amazing mobile phone which can perform all our day to day tasks effortlessly without giving us a chance to fidget around. If you want to buy the Oppo A-series for discounted prices, you can look forward to avail it from any of the reputed mobile stores. Further details can be obtained from the official website of the brand.

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